Thursday, February 24, 2011

I heart Jimmy Fallon

I've only recently taken up watching Jimmy Fallon. I was too embittered about Conan nonsense to enjoy it for a long time, but I'm officially giving Jimmy that space my heart once reserved for the red mop top. Jimmy makes a fantastic Late Night host because he isn't using any of the old hats that most late show hosts spout, its not centered on the monologue, he isn't even hard into sketch comedy. He is just a super good natured fellow who is always laughing with people and never at them. He doesn't do that awful Jay Walking crap where we are supposed to laugh at people who don't know who George Washington is. He always gets his guests to do silly things with him, but it never has a degrading edge to it when Trump plays charades, or when Springsteen dresses as a younger self, or when Paul McCartney substitutes the words in "Yesterday" to "Scrambled Eggs". And I think hes always interested in his guests.

I'll leave you with this awesome hip-hop duo Odd Couple, a totally crazy performance that Jimmy is super excited about.

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