Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Burgers Around

Veggie Burgers, silly!

These are made with beets, bulgar, and almonds. I always get a strange look when I talk about how much I love these things, but everyone who tries it loves it. Its on some sesame seed bread and with some Today I switched things up a little bit and added some beer.

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  1. I love these burgers! I have made them half a dozen times since you first made them for me a while back! each time they get better. While I was in Italy for the fall I was in a vegetarian dinner rotation with 6 other people. I made a variation of these burgers for them, only instead of bulgar I had to use couscous (couldn't find bulgar). The couscous made them stay together really well. Everyone liked them so much that they requested them for our finally meal together. thanks for sharing Katie!