Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things That are Making Me Happy on the Cheap.

My sister got me this food processor! It is definitely the best one I have ever used. This means veggie burgers galore. Today I made nut burgers with almonds. Tomorrow, beet burgers. Hooray for my belly!

I still have my student I.D. and it is Oscar season and Charlotte still has a theater that at least looks like an art house theater, even if it isn’t one. Oh yeah.

Yesterday Harris Teeter had 12-pk cans of Diet Coke for $1.88. If nothing else, I am rich in that.


  1. What kind of food processor? I'm lusting after a cheapish one to make homemade pesto. And veggie burgers would be excellent, too. I can't tell from the picture what the model is...

  2. Hell if I know it was $10 at the thrift store. Take a look there first. This one is cool because it has a high and low setting, but I've used A LOT of food processors, and they are more or less the same if you aren't using them to grate twenty pounds of carrots.

  3. lmao this is a kickASS list chicklet! love it! are you going to add to it occasionally?